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Who Else Wants to Increase Their Home's Market Value by Thousands of Dollars?

Submitted by Jasmina on Sun, 2011-06-12 02:03.

Peggy's Corner - Stage Your Home for Profit DVDDo you want multiple offers as soon as Your Home goes on the market?

If your answers are yes, call Jasmina at 905-731-2000 to arrange your Home Evaluation and receive a 50 minute "Stage Your Home for Profit" DVD – both absolutely FREE! DVD contains Step-by-Step instructions to easily and profitably prepare your home for sale.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the process of preparing a home for sale. Through merchandising your goods, staging shows potential home buyers that your home is the best product available. Real estate experts know that a staged home sells faster and for considerably more money than one that is not staged.

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Peggy Selinger-Eaton, the author of this 5-star product, has been staging and decorating homes for over 18 years, with great success. Her clients range from professional athletes, actors, and executives to every day people. The goals are always the same – to sell the home as quickly as possible at the highest price the market will bear.

Home staging will dress your house for success and emphasize the attributes that appeal to buyers. Like the job applicant who has done his homework, your house will stand head and shoulders above the competition. Highlight the positives of your home the same way you’d promote yourself to an interviewer. In the same manner, de-emphasize the negatives of your home and accentuate the positives. No one needs to be hit over the head with freeway noise when the trickling sounds of a beautiful fountain can take its place.

Watch Peggy's signature techniques for using existing home furnishings to turn homes into warm and inviting places. These techniques make a small room feel large, an outdated bathroom look upgraded, and a boring family room look spectacular all using your existing furniture and accessories. These techniques work and they’ve been used to stage over a thousand homes!

Take some of these ideas, or take them all – it’s up to you.