Toronto EMS Balconies and Windows Safety Tips for Parents and Their Children

Submitted by Jasmina on Thu, 2007-07-19 00:25.

WINDOW & BALCONY SAFETY MOVIESince May 2007, there have been 10 cases of children falling from windows or balconies in the Toronto Area! Two died, five were seriously injured and three suffered minor injuries. Seven fell from windows and three from balconies.

Dean Shaddock, coordinator of the community medicine program with Emergency Medical Services said that 90% of falls from balconies happen in the Summer. Toronto EMS Paramedics have recently released

A Checklist of Balcony and Window Safety Tips

  • Teach your children never to play near open windows or on balconies
  • Do not leave children unattended or unsupervised
  • Keep furniture away from windows and balcony railings
  • Lock all unopened windows and patio doors
  • Install and use window safety devices to limit window opening to 10 cm or four inches, or limit access through doors to balconies and decks
  • Do not rely on screens - they keep insects out, not kids in
  • Hire professionals to do any high angle home repairs
  • Use special watering devices that extend to hard-to-reach plants (these items can be bought in local hardware, department and garden stores)
  • Set a good example for children by practicing safety around windows, balconies and decks.

Toronto EMS and 10 other EMS agencies across Canada have partnered with the Canadian Window and Door Manufacturers Association and the Emergency Medical Service Chiefs of Canada to promote the safe use and enjoyment of windows, balconies and decks for everyone. Please watch their video to see how you can prevent a tragedy from occurring to a child that you love.