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Top 10 Checklist For An Open House

Submitted by Jasmina on Thu, 2006-10-19 00:11.

Use this checklist to help you ready your home for an open-house and sell It faster:

  1. De-clutter!
  2. Clean up! Not just everyday cleaning.
  3. Consider having a pre-listing home inspection report prepared.
  4. A fresh coat of light, neutral paint is practically obligatory.
  5. Cast the same critical eye on your home's exterior.
  6. If you haven't paid attention to landscaping; it's too late to start planting trees.
  7. Depersonalize to help buyers imagine themselves in your home.
  8. The sniff test.
  9. Light up your home.
  10. Before allowing strangers to tour your home, stash all valuables in safe places.

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