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Ladybugs come to my garden.A beautiful, well-maintained yard is a source of pleasure and relaxation for everyone. A little planning can help reduce carbon dioxide levels, promote environmental sustainability and can even save you a little money. Here are a few Eco-smart gardening tips to transform your garden and yard into an environment that is both beautiful and eco-friendly:


According to Statistics Canada, using a standard gas mower for one hour causes the same amount of pollution as driving a new car 550 km. For a greener alternative, try using push reel or electric mowers and cordless trimmers. These non-gasoline powered solutions help eliminate harmful emissions, are quieter, and can save you anywhere between $55-550 in annual fuel costs. This analysis is based on data from Environment Canada.

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Federal Budget 2009 NewsThe Federal Budget 2009 recognizes economic importance of housing to stimulate the economy introduces several incentives to get Canadians spending by buying a first time home, or renovating the one they are already in. New Canada's Economic Action Plan includes:

  1. Home Buyers’ Plan Withdrawal Limit Increase
  2. First-Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit
  3. ecoENERGY Retrofit Homes Grant
  4. The Home Renovation Tax Credit

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Attend Learn to Conserve Energy Workshop and learn about Energy Saving Programs and Home Conservation strategies, as well as how to save energy by using a microwave instead of your oven and enjoy a cooking demonstration.

  • All participants receive a FREE conservation gift bag that can save you energy.
  • Watt reader loan program NOW offered at the Richmond Hill Public Library.
  • Admission is FREE, but space is limited!

Please pre-register at the Richmond Hill Central Library's Full Service Desk or by calling 905-884-9288 x231.

Watt Reader Loan Program offered at The York Region Public Libraries

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Every Kilowatt Counts 2007 In late April, approximately 4.5 million Ontario homeowners, condo dwellers, and apartment tenants received a 12-page booklet in the mail containing information, education and tips about how to conserve electricity. The booklet encourages Ontario residents to use the energy conservation tips and coupons to help reduce their electricity load. Undertaking small steps will reduce your electricity bill and save you money. This booklet also includes Instant Discount Coupons, which will be valid at participating retail stores throughout the province!

Please note, retailers will accept coupons that consumers download and print from this website. Take this coupon to a participating retailer and receive:

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The Ontario government is investing millions of dollars over four years to help homeowners save money and help fight climate change. “We want to give homeowners the tools they need to save money and help reduce greenhouse gases,” said Premier McGuinty. “This is another step in our plan to build a cleaner, greener future for Ontario.”

The provincial program will provide homeowners up to $150 toward a home energy audit!

An energy audit can show homeowners how to improve energy efficiency for things such as cooling, hot water and insulation around the house. A typical homeowner could save about $1,200 per year on energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1-2 tonnes.

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The Green Living Show 2007Toronto's first consumer show dedicated to all things green:

  • World renowned experts like Dr. Roberta Bondar, Margaret Atwood, Daryl Hannah, Van Jones, Dr. David Suzuki and former U.S. vice-president Al Gore will host sessions throughout the weekend! Check out what's going on at the Home Depot Green Living Main Stage.
  • Over 250 exhibitors will showcase simple, practical green renovations! Some green features in the show will include eco-friendly model rooms, an organic native wildflower garden and display, a healthy living cooking stage, alternate-powered vehicle test driving, environmentally friendly building materials, appliances, furniture.


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Earth Day

When it comes to climate change, saving energy and resources the greatest positive impact Torontonians can make is, literally, from the comfort of their homes. Research shows that running your household typically makes up the greatest part of your "Carbon Footprint".

Top 10 Actions to Saving Energy at Home

  1. Turn off lights, computers and TVs when not in use.
  2. Replace frequently used standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.
  3. Install a low flow showerhead and faucet aerators.
  4. Install a programmable thermostat: lower the setting in the winter by setting your thermostat back by 1ºC/2ºF 24 hours a day and/or by 2ºC/4ºF at night; increase your settings in the summer by 1ºC/2ºF 24 hours a day and/or by 2ºC/4ºF at night.
  5. During the winter, close window coverings each night to keep the heat in and during the summer, close window coverings for the daylight hours to keep the sun out.
  6. Clean or replace your furnace filter at least once every two months.
  7. Use cold water instead of hot water every time you wash your clothes and wash only with a full load.
  8. Use your dishwasher only when full. Use the energy saving or light wash cycle and select the air dry option.
  9. Consider replacing your old toilet and washer through the City's WaterSaver programs.
  10. When you replace your old appliances, choose energy efficient ones.

Toronto 20/20 Planner & Connector to Home Energy Links and Incentives

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Environment Canada offers grants, rebates, discounts and other incentives to help you use less energy and produce less waste at home and on the road! Click on the titles below to view the details of each incentives in our area:

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Improving Window Energy Efficiency [PDF]

Windows can account for up to 25 percent of total house heat loss. This fact sheet describes affordable and effective options to improve the energy efficiency of the windows in your house. Improving the energy efficiency of your home's windows can substantially reduce your home's energy use, cut your heating and cooling costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

If you are shopping for new windows Consumer's Guide To Buying Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors [PDF]. It contains the following Sections:

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