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Trick-or-Treat!Halloween is that magical time of year when children get to dress up in wonderful and outrageous costumes as they gather a bag full of treats... But before your children begin to eat their loot, make sure you examine it first. Throw out any treats that are not wrapped, those in torn or loose packages, or any that have small holes in the wrappers. Check toys or novelty items for small parts and do not allow children under three years to play with them.

Take the time to be informed about Halloween safety measures by reading:

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The private pool is a wonderful source of activity and enjoyment. However, it can also pose a risk for disease transmission, physical injury, even death. Drowning is the second leading cause of death among Ontario children under five years of age. Most toddlers that drown do so in their own backyard pools.

Safety tips for pool owners

  • Provide safety equipment, such as a telephone, ring buoys, reaching pole and first aid kit, close to the pool.
  • Have your pool surrounded by a fence with a self-closing & self-latching gate.
  • Place tables and chairs away from the fence.
  • Install a black disk, with a maximum diameter of 15cm, to the deepest point of the pool to assess water clarity.
  • Maintain proper levels of disinfectant and maintain your filter.
  • Store and handle chemicals in a safe manner.

Safety tips for parents

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WINDOW & BALCONY SAFETY MOVIESince May 2007, there have been 10 cases of children falling from windows or balconies in the Toronto Area! Two died, five were seriously injured and three suffered minor injuries. Seven fell from windows and three from balconies.

Dean Shaddock, coordinator of the community medicine program with Emergency Medical Services said that 90% of falls from balconies happen in the Summer. Toronto EMS Paramedics have recently released

A Checklist of Balcony and Window Safety Tips

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