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Every Kilowatt Counts 2007 In late April, approximately 4.5 million Ontario homeowners, condo dwellers, and apartment tenants received a 12-page booklet in the mail containing information, education and tips about how to conserve electricity. The booklet encourages Ontario residents to use the energy conservation tips and coupons to help reduce their electricity load. Undertaking small steps will reduce your electricity bill and save you money. This booklet also includes Instant Discount Coupons, which will be valid at participating retail stores throughout the province!

Please note, retailers will accept coupons that consumers download and print from this website. Take this coupon to a participating retailer and receive:

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Environment Canada offers grants, rebates, discounts and other incentives to help you use less energy and produce less waste at home and on the road! Click on the titles below to view the details of each incentives in our area:

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Improving Window Energy Efficiency [PDF]

Windows can account for up to 25 percent of total house heat loss. This fact sheet describes affordable and effective options to improve the energy efficiency of the windows in your house. Improving the energy efficiency of your home's windows can substantially reduce your home's energy use, cut your heating and cooling costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

If you are shopping for new windows Consumer's Guide To Buying Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors [PDF]. It contains the following Sections:

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