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Since paying attention to seasonal trends in the real estate market can give you an advantage, here is a little gift from my collection of historical home sales data on Toronto MLS – a graph based on trends from the past 5 years:

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What do these Seasonal Patterns tell us?

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The Lake Wilcox Shoreline is Getting a Makeover!

Construction of Lake Wilcox Park (formerly Sunset Beach Park) is underway… Please join us at the Open House in Oak Ridges Community Centre to review & comment on the Proposed Plans for the Lake Wilcox Park Phase 2. Town staff and the project consultant will be on-hand for informal discussions, plus Ward 1 Councillor Greg Beros will be in attendance.

Construction Phases

  • Phase 1: 2013 - Waterfront promenade and boardwalk, as well as the reconstruction of Sunset Beach Road and Olde Bayview Avenue.
  • Phase 2: 2014 - Splash Pad, new washroom building and parking lot in the upper park area.
  • Phase 3: 2018 - Development of a Youth Area at the south end of the site.
  • Phase 4: 2021 - Redevelopment of the Canoe Club Area at the north end of the site.

To find out more about The Project history & future go to Lake Wilcox Park page on The Town of Richmond Hill website, or contact Samuel Ng, Project Manager at 905-747-6463 or samuel.ng@richmondhill.ca.

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Lakefront Home near Yonge Street in the Heart of Oak Ridges Community!

This is truly a rare find on beautiful Lake Wilcox. Paddle your own canoe across tranquil waters, walk along promenade and boardwalks, view magnificent sunrise and fish from your floating dock. It's your chance for an endless vacation in the geographic centre of the GTA. This lovely 2 bedroom house on quiet dead-end street has all the warmth and comfort you would expect from a home: gas fireplace, modern eat in kitchen, main floor hardwood, jacuzzi tub with double shower, breathtaking view of the lake... Rejoice in all nature has to offer!

Want the cottage lifestyle in the geographic centre of the GTA?

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Fireworks at Canada's Wonderland Canada Day has a rich history, dating to July 1, 1868, when Canadians were called upon by the Governor General to celebrate the anniversary of the formation of the union of the British North American provinces (aka Canada). In 1879, the Canadian holiday called “Dominion Day” was established to commemorate this great event—with a name change to “Canada Day” in 1982. Today, Canada Day is celebrated throughout Canada with fireworks display. York Region will celebrate Canada's birthday with a dazzling display of light, colour and sound:


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Shocking Truth: 2 out of 3 Listings Do Not Sell in the GTA!

Most owners think that their homes are special, will bring a good price and will sell quickly. The sad truth is that selling your home in Toronto Area can be frustrating.  A lot of all new listings that go on the market eventually expire with the home still unsold. Toronto Real Estate Board stats reveal that even in the Sellers Market only 1 in 3 Real Estate listings actually sells:

TREB MLS Ratio of Sold to Available Listings

How to Avoid Becoming an Expired Listing?

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If you are one of the buyers who was waiting for home prices to come down more, than you have missed the housing market bottom in the GTA. But don't worry, you can still find great deals in the areas & home types that depreciated more during this downturn.

Toronto neighbourhoods to look at

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RLP YCR Head OfficeAnnouncement: Canada’s Number One Royal LePage brokerage is expanding again.

Royal LePage Your Community Realty has acquired Royal LePage Timeless Realty a three year old brokerage with offices in Bradford West Gwillimbury and Keswick.

Already ranked as the country’s top brokerage (based on sales of independently owned RLP franchises in 2007), The Richmond Hill-based Royal LePage – Your Community Realty now boasts more than 600 Real Estate Agents in nine locations covering a sales area stretching from the shores of Lake Simcoe to the waterfront of Lake Ontario.

“By acquiring these ideal locations in two of the fastest-growing communities in the GTA, we can offer our clients a much larger inventory that stretches, literally, from shore to shore,” said Vivian Risi, Broker of Record and founder of Royal LePage - Your Community. “With offices in downtown Toronto and throughout York Region right up to cottage country, we can maximize our network and do an even better job servicing our listing and client needs.”

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A healthy lawn will out-compete weeds, be less susceptible to insect problems and shouldn’t need pesticides. To help you get started, York Region Environmental Alliance and Town of Richmond Hill Pesticide Reduction Strategy Initiatives organize a workshop called “Organic Lawn Care for the Cheap & Lazy” at Elgin West Community Centre. Please call (905) 771-5509 to register as space is limited.

Tips for Growing Healthy Lawns without Pesticides

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Trees cannot be placed out in plastic bags!Waste Collection Schedule Changes

There will be a change to the Blue Box, Green Bin and garbage collection schedule due to the upcoming holidays. During the week of December 24 and the week of December 31, pick up will be one day later than your regularly scheduled collection day.

Christmas Tree Collection

In order for your tree to be collected please remember to:

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Attend Learn to Conserve Energy Workshop and learn about Energy Saving Programs and Home Conservation strategies, as well as how to save energy by using a microwave instead of your oven and enjoy a cooking demonstration.

  • All participants receive a FREE conservation gift bag that can save you energy.
  • Watt reader loan program NOW offered at the Richmond Hill Public Library.
  • Admission is FREE, but space is limited!

Please pre-register at the Richmond Hill Central Library's Full Service Desk or by calling 905-884-9288 x231.

Watt Reader Loan Program offered at The York Region Public Libraries

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Royal LePage Historical Database - Average House Price in Markham:

7 Types of Housing Price Oct 2006 Est. Taxes Est. Rental Price Jul 2006 Price Oct 2005 Chg. 1 Year
Detached Bungalow 425,000 4,199 2,000 430,000 425,000 0.0
Executive Detached Two-Storey 460,000 4,545 2,300 480,000 425,000 8.2
Luxury Condominium Apartment 345,000 3,408 2,100 363,000 330,000 4.5
Senior Executive 545,000 5,384 2,400 565,000 485,000 12.4
Standard Condominium Apartment 275,000 2,717 1,500 282,000 260,000 5.8
Standard Townhouse 300,000 2,964 1,600 300,000 280,000 7.1
Standard Two-Storey 425,000 4,199 2,000 430,000 385,000 10.4

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Royal LePage Historical Database - Average House Price in Woodbridge:

7 Types of Housing Price Oct 2006 Est. Taxes Est. Rental Price Jul 2006 Price Oct 2005 Chg. 1 Year
Detached Bungalow 425,000 - - 422,250 392,000 8.4
Executive Detached Two-Storey 472,000 - - 471,000 436,041 8.2
Luxury Condominium Apartment 269,000 - - 262,636 273,063 -1.5
Senior Executive 472,245 - - 472,245 561,826 -15.9
Standard Condominium Apartment 275,400 - - 271,357 257,441 7.0
Standard Townhouse 293,603 - - 293,026 264,977 10.8
Standard Two-Storey 348,000 - - 348,000 360,200 -3.4

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Royal LePage Historical Database - Average House Price in Unionville:

7 Types of Housing Price Oct 2006 Est. Taxes Est. Rental Price Jul 2006 Price Oct 2005 Chg. 1 Year
Detached Bungalow 450,000 4,446 2,300 460,000 433,000 3.9
Executive Detached Two-Storey 540,000 5,335 2,500 580,000 500,000 8.0
Luxury Condominium Apartment 430,000 4,248 2,100 430,000 385,000 11.7
Senior Executive 660,000 6,521 3,300 660,000 620,000 6.5
Standard Condominium Apartment 330,000 3,260 1,600 345,000 300,000 10.0
Standard Townhouse 375,000 3,705 1,750 385,000 320,000 17.2
Standard Two-Storey 460,000 4,545 2,300 480,000 400,000 15.0

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Royal LePage Historical Database - Average House Price in Thornhill:

7 Types of Housing Price Oct 2006 Est. Taxes Est. Rental Price Jul 2006 Price Oct 2005 Chg. 1 Year
Detached Bungalow 500,000 4,000 1,700 500,000 450,000 11.1
Executive Detached Two-Storey 525,000 4,500 1,800 525,000 460,000 14.1
Luxury Condominium Apartment 295,000 3,800 1,750 295,000 285,000 3.5
Senior Executive 580,000 4,800 2,400 580,000 550,000 5.5
Standard Condominium Apartment 260,000 2,500 1,600 260,000 240,000 8.3
Standard Townhouse 235,000 2,600 1,400 235,000 225,000 4.4
Standard Two-Storey 400,000 3,200 1,600 400,000 350,000 14.3

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YORK REGIONAL POLICEYorkregion.com - Regional News Story: A provincial or national registry of marijuana grow operations would offer a false sense of security to those who rely on it, York Regional Police Chief Armand La Barge said. A major problem with that kind of warning system, is grow-ops that have not been discovered by police would not be part of the registry, Chief La Barge said. Instead, Chief La Barge supports Provincial Bill 128, which allows police to inform municipalities a grow-op has been discovered and requires city administrators to ensure an inspection is done to make sure a home used as grow-op falls under the building code before it is resold.

A recent phenomenon is people purchasing known grow-op homes at reduced prices and refurbishing them to make substantial profits in a resale. That could lead to criminals showing up at the address believing it's still a grow-op, which could be dangerous for the new homeowners, Chief La Barge said. York's top cop suggests a thorough home inspection before buying goes a long way to expose past criminal uses.

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