Submitted by Jasmina on Wed, 2007-11-14 03:42.

Toronto City Council has approved a Municipal Land Transfer Tax (LTT) that will be levied on top of the Provincial Land Transfer Tax. The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) worked very hard to oppose the new LTT.

Google Gadget Calculator compares Ontario & Toronto Land Transfer Taxes

Add to Google Feel free to add my Land Transfer Tax Calculator Gadget to your iGoogle home page to determine what Toronto LTT will cost you and see if it's time to consider moving to York Region and other 905 areas, where you pay only the Ontario Land Transfer Tax and get bigger homes for less money:

Submitted by Jasmina on Sat, 2007-07-28 12:31.

IE7 gives you the ability to add custom search providers to your browser built-in Internet search box, much like Firefox. Since 77% of our Web Site visitors still use Internet Explorer and we want to be where our users are, Team has also created Internet Explorer 7 compatible search engine plug-ins for surrounding York Region and Toronto Public Libraries.

Our Internet Explorer 7 plug-ins are based on's A9 OpenSearch specification, so they will also work with Firefox 2.x browsers.

Usage Tips

To add a community library search provider to your IE7, simply click on any of the links below:

Submitted by Jasmina on Fri, 2007-07-27 01:56. Team offers a suggestion how York Region and other Greater Toronto Area Public Libraries can extend the reach into their communities, offer services that make them more visible and be where their users are:

Our Library Search Engine Plug-ins

Adding search providers to Firefox is simple. Just click on any of the links below:

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