Property Taxes

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To establish your property’s assessed value, Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) analyzes property sales in your community and applies the Current Value Assessment (CVA) method, which is used by most assessment jurisdictions in Canada and throughout the world.

In addition to sales, MPAC looks at the key features of every property and may consider up to 200 factors when assessing the value of a residential property. Five major factors that account for 85% of the value are:

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Property taxes are often overlooked factor for many people in Greater Toronto Area. However, when buying a home, property taxes are nearly as important an issue as the selling price of the home.

Home Buyers Beware!

Residential taxes in cities and towns across GTA & surrounding area may differ a lot. In some of the municipalities residential property tax rates are so high, that they will not only hinder you as the buyer, but also will most likely draw concerns when you attempt to sell your house.

Property Tax Rates Chart for 2008

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