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Ladybugs come to my garden.A beautiful, well-maintained yard is a source of pleasure and relaxation for everyone. A little planning can help reduce carbon dioxide levels, promote environmental sustainability and can even save you a little money. Here are a few Eco-smart gardening tips to transform your garden and yard into an environment that is both beautiful and eco-friendly:


According to Statistics Canada, using a standard gas mower for one hour causes the same amount of pollution as driving a new car 550 km. For a greener alternative, try using push reel or electric mowers and cordless trimmers. These non-gasoline powered solutions help eliminate harmful emissions, are quieter, and can save you anywhere between $55-550 in annual fuel costs. This analysis is based on data from Environment Canada.

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A healthy lawn will out-compete weeds, be less susceptible to insect problems and shouldn’t need pesticides. To help you get started, York Region Environmental Alliance and Town of Richmond Hill Pesticide Reduction Strategy Initiatives organize a workshop called “Organic Lawn Care for the Cheap & Lazy” at Elgin West Community Centre. Please call (905) 771-5509 to register as space is limited.

Tips for Growing Healthy Lawns without Pesticides

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Mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs in. Even a small pool of water can produce hundreds of mosquitoes that can transmit diseases like West Nile virus.

Here are some tips for homeowners from York Region Health Services:

  • Drill holes in the bottom of garbage cans and recycling containers for drainage.
  • Store pet bowls indoors when not in use.
  • Clean roof gutters, downspouts and eaves troughs regularly.

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