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Off-campus Rental Housing Search: Seneca College - Newnham Campus (Don Mills & Finch)

Submitted by Jasmina on Sun, 2007-01-07 03:11.

Newnham Campus is the academic and administrative centre of Seneca College. It located on the north side of Finch Avenue between Don Mills & Hwy. 404.

Seneca College Housing Registry web site assists students in locating affordable housing. It provides

It lists Estimated Rental Costs per month and defines five main Off-Campus Housing types:

  1. Basement Apartment - This includes any housing that is below ground. Bachelor, one and two bedrooms can be found under this category. Most basement apartments have private entrances; however, please note that not all entrances are private.
  2. Shared Apartment - This includes any type of dwelling within an apartment complex where rooms are to be shared with predetermined roommates. General furnishings are often provided. Often this situation involves sharing a bathroom, common living room and kitchen.
  3. Shared House - This housing classification is similar to "shared apartment" category in the sense that you have a private bedroom and share other common areas of the unit. General furnishings are often provided. The main difference is that a house is being shared rather that a smaller living space such as an apartment. The shared house category is best for a student who does not want to live alone, yet is not specific on the people that he or she is sharing the housing unit with.
  4. Room - The room category is the most ideal for the tenant who is looking for a private bedroom only. Usually the tenant has use of the bathroom and is given a private bathroom. This situation is ideal for the busy student who does not plan on spending a large amount of time at home.
  5. Room and Board - This category is similar to the room category because the tenant is given use of a private bedroom; however, meals are also included. This situation is best for busy students who have a set schedule that works around meal times.