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Every Kilowatt Counts 2007 In late April, approximately 4.5 million Ontario homeowners, condo dwellers, and apartment tenants received a 12-page booklet in the mail containing information, education and tips about how to conserve electricity. The booklet encourages Ontario residents to use the energy conservation tips and coupons to help reduce their electricity load. Undertaking small steps will reduce your electricity bill and save you money. This booklet also includes Instant Discount Coupons, which will be valid at participating retail stores throughout the province!

Please note, retailers will accept coupons that consumers download and print from this website. Take this coupon to a participating retailer and receive:

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Property #010 SlideshowAttractive, affordable and roomy 2 storey, 3+1 bedroom, 3 baths condo townhouse! Spacious living room and kitchen are just two of the many features you will find in this condo. Close to GREAT schools, shopping mall, 401/404/407, TTC. You cannot beat $237,000 price for a condo this large & in Prime North York Location!

Check out the Photo Gallery and call Jasmina at 647-273-5318 to learn more about this Terrific Home, Willowdale & other North York Neighbourhoods.

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The Ontario government is investing millions of dollars over four years to help homeowners save money and help fight climate change. “We want to give homeowners the tools they need to save money and help reduce greenhouse gases,” said Premier McGuinty. “This is another step in our plan to build a cleaner, greener future for Ontario.”

The provincial program will provide homeowners up to $150 toward a home energy audit!

An energy audit can show homeowners how to improve energy efficiency for things such as cooling, hot water and insulation around the house. A typical homeowner could save about $1,200 per year on energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1-2 tonnes.

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The Green Living Show 2007Toronto's first consumer show dedicated to all things green:

  • World renowned experts like Dr. Roberta Bondar, Margaret Atwood, Daryl Hannah, Van Jones, Dr. David Suzuki and former U.S. vice-president Al Gore will host sessions throughout the weekend! Check out what's going on at the Home Depot Green Living Main Stage.
  • Over 250 exhibitors will showcase simple, practical green renovations! Some green features in the show will include eco-friendly model rooms, an organic native wildflower garden and display, a healthy living cooking stage, alternate-powered vehicle test driving, environmentally friendly building materials, appliances, furniture.


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Earth Day

When it comes to climate change, saving energy and resources the greatest positive impact Torontonians can make is, literally, from the comfort of their homes. Research shows that running your household typically makes up the greatest part of your "Carbon Footprint".

Top 10 Actions to Saving Energy at Home

  1. Turn off lights, computers and TVs when not in use.
  2. Replace frequently used standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.
  3. Install a low flow showerhead and faucet aerators.
  4. Install a programmable thermostat: lower the setting in the winter by setting your thermostat back by 1ºC/2ºF 24 hours a day and/or by 2ºC/4ºF at night; increase your settings in the summer by 1ºC/2ºF 24 hours a day and/or by 2ºC/4ºF at night.
  5. During the winter, close window coverings each night to keep the heat in and during the summer, close window coverings for the daylight hours to keep the sun out.
  6. Clean or replace your furnace filter at least once every two months.
  7. Use cold water instead of hot water every time you wash your clothes and wash only with a full load.
  8. Use your dishwasher only when full. Use the energy saving or light wash cycle and select the air dry option.
  9. Consider replacing your old toilet and washer through the City's WaterSaver programs.
  10. When you replace your old appliances, choose energy efficient ones.

Toronto 20/20 Planner & Connector to Home Energy Links and Incentives

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Average Return-on-Investment Calculator for Homeowners Planning RenovationsAppraisal Institute of Canada surveys its members and compiles a list of renovations that yield the best return on investment. Year after year, three most frequent renovation improvements undertaken by homeowners, which provide the highest payback potential are:

  1. Bathroom Renovation
  2. Kitchen Renovation
  3. Painting - Interior/Exterior

Care should be taken not to overly personalize the renovations and adversely affect the property's function or market appeal. Be particularly careful when renovating if the property is in the upper range of value for the area and involves a large capital outlay.

Projected average payback value ranges for the twenty most frequent renovation projects are:

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Listen to Scotia Bank’s Find the Money Podcast #8 and learn about perceived myths that prevent people from owning a home. Alison Strimas, Vice-President, Mortgages at Scotiabank describes how Canadians can get into a home sooner and gives advice to those who are still renting:

For the renters that are listening, I would suggest that they do a little bit of research. You’d be amazed at what you’re paying in rent on a monthly basis equates into a mortgage. For example, a $1,300 monthly rent payment could equate to approximately a $200,000 mortgage. And there’s all sorts of support pieces out there… especially on the internet, there’s calculators. We ourselves at have a rent-or-own calculator, so that renters can actually do a comparison to see if that’s an appropriate decision for them to enter the housing market.

You could take a zero down-payment type of mortgage, and feel very secure, especially for the first-time home buyer that you can afford this. And additional funds that you did have could be used for things like renovations, home improvements, furnishings if that would be the case, or just the sheer cost of closing the house and moving your belongings.

Download the MP3 & read the transcript.


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The first quarter Survey of Canadian House Prices: Home prices for the first three months of this year rose almost 12% from a year ago in a clear sign that the market still has legs!

Canada’s housing market

got off to a surprisingly strong start in 2007 with average house prices rising in all major markets surveyed, according to a first quarter report released today by Royal LePage Real Estate Services. The combination of resilient consumer confidence, moderately low interest rates and improved affordability across most of the country led to greater than expected activity during the typically slower first quarter.

Toronto’s housing market

has once again been characterized by high levels of competition, particularly in the most sought after neighbourhoods of central Toronto. Rising property prices provoked some affluent purchasers, searching for homes priced in the $1-million range, being priced out of traditionally upscale neighbourhoods. Areas such as Riverdale, High Park, Parkdale and the Annex offering high-quality homes at more affordable prices subsequently received additional attention. The condominium market has remained a bright spot in Toronto’s housing market, with increases to inventory levels as new construction helps to satiate the demand of purchasers.

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New Homes & Condos - GTA MagazineMortgage advisor Calum Ross shares with you the tips how you can be mortgage-free as quickly as possible:

  1. Never get an open mortgage at a fixed rate unless you plan on paying it off during the term. Today's closed mortgages generally offer 10 to 20 per cent prepayment privileges, and can usually be obtained at one per cent or more off the posted rate.
  2. Use accelerated weekly, or bi-weekly payments.
  3. Give your mortgage the same raise as you get each year.
  4. Give your mortgage a portion of any bonus or extra income.
  5. Keep your payments the same even if you renew at a lower rate.
  6. Use your income tax return to put a lump sum payment towards your mortgage.
  7. Use extra money from your budget.
  8. Round up your mortgage payments.
  9. Consider a variable rate mortgage - those who can endure the rate adjustments save money over time.
  10. Seek independent financial advice. While some bankers do look out for your best interest, they work for the bank and not you.

Read the full story in January issue of New Homes & Condos - GTA Magazine.

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The average price of an existing GTA home rose by a compound interest of 5.6 per cent a year or 290% from $90,203 in 1981 to $351,941 in 2006!

Home ownership has always been more a necessity of life than an investing vehicle, but Real Estate has proven to be one of the most stable long-term investments there is. It is your guarantee of retirement security. It is far better to own your own home than rent, not only for the pride of ownership but because it is your only long-term hedge against inflation. With rental rates increasing constantly, there is no guarantee you will be able to afford them as the years go by.

Real Estate values in major Canadian cities post extraordinary gains, finds Re/Max report that tracks Residential MLS price appreciation in the past 25 years:


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For those of you thinking of selling their home, but waiting for Spring, here are good reasons to list your home for sale during the Winter:

  1. There are fewer homes for sale and that means there is less competition on the market!
  2. Winter home buyers are VERY serious and you don’t want them to miss your home!
  3. By starting to market your home early you may be able to secure a higher price, because less supply can yield a higher price for your home!
  4. One of the highest percentages of Listings Sold to Listings Taken occur during winter months because prospects are highly motivated.
  5. You get more advertising for your home, because Real Estate Agents have less inventory during the winter.
  6. By selling now, you have an opportunity to buy during the spring, when many, many more properties are on the market!

Just remember, NOW is one of the best times to buy or sell! Call me today for more information and FREE Home Evaluation. (647) 273-5318

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Housing Now Canada - December 2006Check out this article is published in December 2006 edition of CMHC's "Housing Now - Canada" pubication on pages 7 & 8! It highlights some of the findings of Statistics Canada’s Survey of Household Spending (SHS) as they relate to housing needs in the later stages of the life cycle. CMHC estimates that the 65+ population, which currently comprises 13 per cent of the total population, will more than double in the next 25 years, growing at five times the rate of the general population. The article looks at some of the potential impacts of an ageing population on housing demand.

Housing Now is a monthly publication provides topical housing-related articles and data that will help you identify trends in mortgage activity, monitor market share of mortgage credit by type of lending institution, track trends in mortgage rates, and stay on top of the demand for mortgage credit. It also gives a detailed analysis of Canada's primary and secondary mortgage markets and is ideally suited for anyone with an interest in current housing market information.

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Year ends with a strong December

TORONTO, January 4, 2007 -- Resale housing activity in December increased by four per cent compared to the same month a year ago, Toronto Real Estate Board President Dorothy Mason announced today.

Year-over-year, the average price in 2006 rose five per cent over the $335,907 recorded in 2005 to $351,941. “This means that prices continue to outpace inflation, making home-ownership a sound investment in today's economy and invariably in the long term”.

“The market is on solid footing and is in excellent shape heading into 2007,” TREB’s President said. The winter season is an excellent time to be active in this healthy market, whether starting out as a first time buyer or making a move to a different home.”

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Newnham Campus is the academic and administrative centre of Seneca College. It located on the north side of Finch Avenue between Don Mills & Hwy. 404.

Seneca College Housing Registry web site assists students in locating affordable housing. It provides

It lists Estimated Rental Costs per month and defines five main Off-Campus Housing types: