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How Can Home Buyers Protect Themselves?

Submitted by Jasmina on Mon, 2006-12-04 03:49.

Did you know that the real estate agent who advertises a property, shows the property to a buyer, helps the buyer make decisions, and prepares the purchase offer doesn't necessarily have the buyer's best interests in mind? That's right, the helpful agent could be the exclusive agent of the seller with agency duties to get the best deal possible for the seller with no agency duties whatsoever to the buyer.

As a buyer, you can protect yourself by having a buyer's agent where your interests, not the seller's interests, are of paramount importance.

What are Advantages of Having Your Own Agent?

  • Your time is not wasted by an agent showing you unsuitable property to impress owners with the agent's activity or who wants to push his or her own listings, which will mean more dollars for the agent rather than working for what is best for you.
  • Your agent will work with you so you are pre-qualified for a loan and know purchase limits.
  • You are not going to be limited to properties listed for sale by agents. You will be exposed to properties that may be in probate or foreclosure, properties owned by lenders, and even properties for sale by owners.
  • Your agent will analyze properties based on your needs and provide value estimates based on the market.
  • Your agent will recommend properties to be considered and what should be offered and prepare the offer with your interests in mind.
  • Your own agent will make certain you fully understand all aspects of a purchase contract before it is signed.
  • Negative aspects of a property will be evaluated, and your agent will make certain that your offer is subject to a professional property inspection.
  • Your agent will recommend the type of loan that best meets your needs and will work with you in locating the most advantageous loan terms.
  • Your agent will be in contact with the lender, the seller, and the closing agent to avoid any problems during the closing process.

What Does It Cost to Have Your Own Agent?

Nothing! This service is absolutely free! Your agent will be totally paid by the seller!

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