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Canada Gets Serious about Radon & Radon Guide for Canadian Homeowners

Submitted by Daniel on Mon, 2006-09-25 00:20.

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Health Canada is poised to tighten up guidelines for radon gas levels in indoor air, to a level four times more stringent than current guidelines. It could mean that radon testing will become mandatory in future real estate transactions, and that building codes for new homes will be upgraded. Critics say that Canada should have adopted the stricter guidelines in the 1980s, when the United States and other countries around the world set their radon guidelines. But Health Canada says that "until recently, there was no evidence providing a direct link between radon levels in the home and lung cancer." The ministry says that, "However, in 2005, two independent scientific studies performed in Europe and North America showed that lung cancer risks extend to levels of radon found in some homes depending on the length of time an individual is exposed to it." The Health Canada report estimates that lung cancers from radon exposure account for about 10 per cent of all lung cancers, second only behind smoking.

CMHC - Radon : A Guide for Canadian Homeowners

This 25 page booklet provides details on making sure radon gas does not enetrate your home. You'll find out what radon is, the risks involved, how to assess exposure and what types of homes are vulnerable. Detailed sections cover the measuring of radon, reducing radon levels and dealing with contractors. Comes with a question-and-answer section, illustrations and direction on how to obtain further information.